Where's Dick?

composer: Stewart Wallace
librettist: Michael Korie

opera in two acts

libretto by Michael Korie

Language: English
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Premiere: May 1989 Houston, TX, Houston Grand Opera (USA) · Conductor: John DeMain · Staging: Richard Foreman
Orchestra instrumentation: 1(pic).1.2(1.Ebcl&bcl, 2.bcl).ssax(asax, tensax).tensax.barsax(tensax).2-, xyl, vib, mar, tri, cow bell, sleighbells, crash cym, h.h, gong, s.d, tom-t, cong, timb, b.d, chimes, wdbl, tempbl, anvil, vibraslap, siren, auto horn)-2keyboards(synthesizers, samplers, piano)-str( All singers should be equipped with radio microphones. All instruments should be miked and separated by baffles as in a recording studio for maximum isolation of the sound signal. The entire ensemble is then mixed by the sound engineer at the back of the house, balances being achieved in some cases by electronic enhancement.
Cast of characters: (14 singers and 1 actor): Junior - Fate Spritely - Mrs. Heimlich - Little Willie Heimlich - Ma Paddle and Santa - Stump Tower - Reverend J.J. Newright and Sister Immacula - Chief Blowhard and Judge Mouth - Baby Snowflake - Sterling and Stainless Tarnish - Boldface Headlines - The P.A.
Publisher: Sidmar Music (administered exclusively by Schott Music Corporation, New York)
Duration: 90' 0''
Year of composition: 1989
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Delivery rights: worldwide


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