The Puppet Designer

composer: Nicholas Lens
librettist: Nicholas Lens

(Der Bashafer fun Marionetn)

dramma per musica in nove atti
per baritono e orchestra da camera

Language: Yiddish
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Premiere: June 18, 1996 Amsterdam, Paradiso (NL) Festival 'The Power of Culture' (Unesco) 1996 · Henk Lauwers, baritone · Conductor: Rudolph Werthen · I Fiamminghi
Orchestra instrumentation: 1 · 0 · Engl. Hr. · 1 · 1 - 1 · 1 · 1 · 0 - Hfe. · Klav. (auch Cel.) - Str.
Publisher: Schott Music
Duration: 25' 0''
Year of composition: 2005
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June 18th, 1996 - Festival 'The Power of Culture' (Unesco) 1996

I Fiamminghi - Rudolph Werthen Paradiso - Amsterdam - Netherlands


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