composer: Mark-Anthony Turnage
librettist: Jonathan Moore - Mark-Anthony Turnage
author of original text: Steven Berkoff

opera in two acts

based on Steven Berkoff's stage play of the same title
libretto adapted by Mark-Anthony Turnage and Jonathan Moore

Language: English
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Commissioned work: commissioned by the city of Munich for the first International Festival of New Music Theatre 1988
Premiere: June 17, 1988 München, Carl Orff Saal (D) Münchner Biennale 1988 · Fiona Kimm; Helen Charnock; Quentin Hayes; Richard Suart · Conductor: Sian Edwards (scenic performance)
Orchestra instrumentation: fl(afl, pic, bodhran, large metal bar).2ob(, brake d, bodhran,, brake d).2Bbcl(1.Ebcl, bcl, med tom-t, 2.bcl, med tom-t ).ssax(asax, barsax, vibraslap, ratchet)-2hn(both lg tom-t, metal bar).Ctpt(large metal dustbin lid).tbn(very large metal sheet)-1 or 2perc(timp, 2tri, very low gong, xyl, mar, vib, crots, tub bells, multi-guiro, hand bells, desk bells, cel, b.d, pedal b.d, military drum, 4tom-t, large ride cym, h.h, ant cym, very large sus cym, bodhran, tamb, whip, ratchet)-hp(low log drum and bodhran).pno(epno[Yamaha or Fender Rhodes], police whistle, clav)-va(large ratchet).3vc(1.clav, 2.ratchet).db(police whistle)
Cast of characters: Eddy · high baritone - Wife, Doreen, Sphinx II and Waitress I · mezzo-soprano - Dad, Café Manager, Police Chief · baritone - Mum, Sphinx I and Waitress II · soprano - 4 actors · speaking roles
Publisher: Schott Music Ltd., London
Duration: 90' 0''
Year of composition: 1986-1988
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Turnage · Greek, opera in two acts (act 2, scene 4a Eddy's Return) · sound clip


2011 | TMA Theatre Award

TMA Theatre Award for Outstanding Achievement in Opera 2011  additional information

1990 | Olivier Award

Shortlisted for the SWET Laurence Olivier Awards 1990

1990 | RPS Award

RPS / Charles Heidsieck Music Award for Television 1990  additional information

1988 | BMW Prize

BMW Prizes for best opera and librretto 1988


Mark-Anthony Turnage · Greek  (1994)

Mark-Anthony Turnage

The Greek Ensemble; Richard Bernas
(unknown source of supply)


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ED 12348-1 = libretto
ED 12348 = vocal score


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