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RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an electronic news format that enables the user to subscribe to contents of a Web site in the form of regular news. RSS is a service which, similar to a news ticker, contains the headlines with a short summary of the text and a link to the original site. To be able to read an RSS feed (RSS news subscription), customary Web browsers or special programs (so-called feed readers or RSS Readers) are needed; they are usually similar to a news ticker. You subscribe to it by entering the address of the feed in the corresponding feed reader. Newly published contents are then downloaded automatically by the program in regular intervals set by the user.

The Schott Web site provides various contents as RSS feeds. To subscribe to a feed, just click the RSS symbol on the corresponding page of our Web site or use the following links.
If you wish to get regular information on current performances in your town or your country, click the RSS symbol after the search query.


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