'Best Edition' by Schott - Three titles awarded the Musikeditionspreis 2006

This year, too, the 'Best Edition' Competition of the German Music Publishers' Association again attracted great participation with more than 100 publications submitted by 26 German music publishers. Eleven prizes were awarded by a jury of seven music experts. In 2006, for the first time, only one prize was awarded in each category.
Schott Musik International is pleased about the recognition of its editorial performance in the past year which has been awarded with three prizes in the following categories:
  • In the category 'Sheet music editions of works of the 20th/21st  century':
 Pierre Boulez: Le Marteau sans maître. Facsimile of the draft score and the first fair copy of the score. Edited by Pascal Decroupet, published by the Paul Sacher Foundation. (PSB 1015)
Since the world premiere in Donaueschingen fifty years ago, 'Le Marteau sans maître' has been regarded as one of the outstanding works of the serial post-war avant-garde. To mark the 80th birthday of Pierre Boulez, the Paul Sacher Foundation publishes this facsimile edition with comprehensive autograph material of the work in high-quality colour printed format. The sources give a fascinating insight into the studio of the then 30-year-old composer and are explained in great detail in an accompanying commentary.
The opinion of the jury: 'The present edition is convincing because of its innovative form of presentation. The edition shows in an exemplary way the comparison of manuscript, sketch and final version and commentary. The format, the high-quality presentation in a slipcase, and the workmanship are outstanding.'

  • In the category 'Editions for popular music':
 Schott Piano Lounge: Pop Ballads. 16 well-known pop ballads arranged for piano by Carsten Gerlitz. (ED 9842)
The Pop Ballads by Carsten Gerlitz in the 'Schott Piano Lounge' series offer a selection of 16 popular and easy-to-play ballads which are fun for both the player and the audience. With classics such as 'Amazing Grace' or 'Imagine' and current titles by Robbie Williams, this volume contains an attractive mix of wonderful ballads. All pieces on the accompanying CD have been played and recorded by the author himself.
The opinion of the jury: 'A collection which contains the standards of pop music in easily playable arrangements in an attractive outer design.'
  • In the category 'Books on music – b) non-fiction books'
 Karl Heinrich Ehrenforth: Geschichte der musikalischen Bildung. A cultural and social history and a history of ideas in 40 stages. (ED 9665)
With this book, Karl Heinrich Ehrenforth dares for the first time to present the history of music education spanning a time frame of more than 3,000 years. 40 stages of our cultural and social history are presented chronologically in ten chapters. An indispensable standard work for all those interested in issues concerning music and cultural education.
The opinion of the jury: 'The history of music education by Karl Heinrich Ehrenforth is a book that has been published at the right time: Education is taken at its word! A comparable publication on this theme does not exist. In this book, education is not confused with method.'
This year's 'Best Edition' prizes will be awarded during a ceremony at the annual conference of the German Music Publishers' Association in Baden-Baden on 13 June 2006.
For further information see at www.best-edition.de.


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