Work of the Week - Nino Rota: Lo scoiattolo in gamba

Nino Rota’s children’s opera Lo Scoiattolo in Gamba (The witty squirrel)works on many different levels; funny, entertaining (for both children and adults) and colourful it is the perfect work to brighten the winter months. A new production of this delightful opera will open on 28th December 2011 at the Teatro Arriaga in Bilbao with the Orquesta de Cámara de Vitoria, conducted by Iker Sánchez. The one-act play based on a fable by Eduardo de Filippo has been specially designed by Alfonso Romero and GoDirect to be suitable for children as young as four years old.

A young orphan squirrel complains of his misfortune, not only has he lost his parents but he has also lost his teeth! Hearing about the poor squirrel King Pappone comes to the squirrel’s aid and offers him a set of golden teeth in return for a delicious meal. The offer is accepted but after one month the King sends an ultimatum to the squirrel to honour his promise or face grave consequences. The squirrel quickly gets to work but suddenly discovers that his teeth have grown back. Now that he no longer needs the king’s gift he hides all the food he has collected and must escape from the King.



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