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May we have the next dance?

Rainer Butz/Hans Magolt (Ed.): Barocke Tänze - Sheet music for 1-2 soprano recorders -  A new selection of traditional dance movements and arrangements for 1-2 recorders is now published in the successful 'Fun and Games with the Recorder' series. It contains ...



Easy Duos for Guitar

Konrad Ragossnig: Guitar Duet Collection - Sheet music for 2 guitars - The duos compiled in this edition will give guitarists the opportunity to pay attention to the dialogue, i.e. to practice ensemble playing with a keen ear. Duet playing is one of the most valuable ...



The New Programme - Autumn and Winter 2010/11

To make it big in the world of music, it helps to start learning when you are very young. However, having a career in music is not the only way to make the most of your musical abilities – the simple joy of music can be just as enriching as it acts as a kind of accompaniment to life. An early start ...



A Real Rarity - Charming Recital Piece of the French Romanticisim

Marie Félicie Clémence de Grandval: Suite - Sheet music for flute and piano - With her Suite for flute and piano, the young Frenchwoman and student of Chopin and Saint-Saëns established herself as a major French composer of the 19th century.  The Suite for flute ...



A Musical Adventure Trip

Mikis Theodorakis: Odysseia - Sheet music for female voice and piano - The famous composer who celebrated his 85th birthday only recently, sets out on a musical adventure. His song cycle 'Odysseia' includes 14 songs on the eternal odyssey throughout ancient and present ...



Entertaining, yet Demanding - Stravinsky for String Quartet

Igor Stravinsky: Tango - Sheet music for string quartet - Igor Stravinsky liked to use different stylistic devices or embed them into his personal musical language: Be it that he took a Gallop by Jacques Offenbach or composed Circus Polka for a Young Elephant or a ragtime. ...



Humorous Variations for Piano

Robert Schumann / Peter Wittrich: The Merry Peasant - Sheet music for piano - With its humorous variations on a theme of Robert Schumann, the Fröhliche Landmann [The Merry Peasant] slips into different roles. Peter Wittrich sets out with him on a journey through time ...



Charming Folk Songs from China

Melodies of China - Sheet music for piano, flute, clarinet, saxophone or trumpet - For years, Chinese music has become more and more popular, especially China's charming and varied folk music. With 'Melodies of China', Schott now presents collections of ...



A Step-by-Step Guide to Composition

Bruce Cole: The Composer's Handbook 2 - Method - Anyone who can pick up a pencil can draw. Anyone who can sing or play an instrument can compose.  Following the successful formula of The Composer’s Handbook, this second volume is a step-by-step guide to the ...



Essential Excersises for Cellists

Friedrich August Kummer: 10 Etudes mélodiques - Sheet music for cello - Each of the 10 Etudes mélodiques deals with a particular technical issue. To make practising as varied and effective as possible, the studies come with preliminary technical exercises, tips on ...


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