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Fit for the Stage

Carsten Gerlitz (Arranger): Sing Jazz Ballads - Sheet music for voice and piano - The new 'Schott Vocal Lounge' series is aimed at male and female singers looking for melodious, fresh arrangements and stylish backing tracks, both for stage performances and for practising ...



Christmas Carols for Service or Concert

Hermann Schroeder: Five Christmas Carols - Sheet music for female or children's choir or 2 solo parts - Hermann Schroeder (1904-1984) is one of the most important German comopsers of sacred music of the 20th century. At the suggestion of the director of music ...



Musical dialogue between Robert Schumann and Jörg Widmann

CD-Release at WERGO: Fleurs du mal Robert Schumann and Jörg Widmann – a musical dialogue between a modern and a Romantic composer. WERGO juxtaposes four piano works of the two composers and takes a look at Schumann on his 200 th birthday from a somewhat different ...



Lullabies and Dream Pieces for Piano

Monika Twelsiek (Ed.): Night and Dreams - Sheet music for piano - The music teacher and pianist Monika Twelsiek adds a new selection of piano works around the subject of Night and Dreams to the Piano Classics series. At any time, the night was a theme in literature, ...



Cross-Over for Pianists

Uwe Korn (Arranger): Tango meets Jazz - Sheet music for piano - Tango - that's not just a 'classical' dance form but, in addition, pretty much a philosophy of life, yet in any case a 'bath' in the whirlpool of emotions. This volume contains popular pieces ...



Fantasia for Duet

Olivier Mayran de Chamisso: Rêveries en duo - Sheet music for two guitars - The new composition from the well-known guitar teacher and composer adds to the meagre repertoire for guitar duo. Designed as independent-sounding settings, the two guitar parts are ...



Classical Highlights in New Arrangement

Carsten Gerlitz (Arranger): Classical Highlights - Sheet music for piano - In the new 'Classical Highlights' edition, the arranger Carsten Gerlitz invites the most famous classical composers to his piano lounge. In this volume, you will find some of the most ...



Festively, Quietly or Merrily

Dirko Juchem: Christmas Classics - Sheet music for alto or tenor saxophone - Ring in Christmas time with this charming collection of the most beautiful Christmas carols! In this new highlight of the successful series 'Schott Saxophone Lounge' Dirko Juchem presents ...



Follow Your Dreams: Learn to Sing

Deborah Hudson: Sing Your Heart Out - book - Have you ever watched a talent show or concert and wished you could take part? Have you always wanted to learn to sing but were put off at a young age; told you are out of tune or too loud?  Well, 'Sing Your Heart Out' ...



May we have the next dance?

Rainer Butz/Hans Magolt (Ed.): Barocke Tänze - Sheet music for 1-2 soprano recorders -  A new selection of traditional dance movements and arrangements for 1-2 recorders is now published in the successful 'Fun and Games with the Recorder' series. It contains ...


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